TV land is not dead!

This is going to be another quick skim to remind peeps this blog is dormant and not dead so please bear with the lack of depth.

Well with all the hype about local content on TV dramas and soaps (see the papa shirandulas and the Makutano junctions of this world) I figured I would put my two cents on what has caught my eye on the Sports side of things. That boils down to two sports magazine shows that I saw for the first time over the course off last week. Simba Super Soccer on KBC and Scrum Down on Citizen

Scrum Down (Saturday 11:00am, Citizen TV)

Just launched, these guys certainly promised alot and fro0m their first show, they certainly delivered. Them hosts certaibly have a captivating ppositive veibe that I reckon would cause most channel surferes to stop and take another look. I was especially impressed by the segement where they profiled legends of the game

Simba Super Soccer (Thursday 7:30?pm, KBC

The angry cynic in me wants to say that this is Supersports way of tossing a few crumbs at KBC for taking away live KPL matches just when they were beginning tio be interesting again. Nonetheless, unlike any other talk show on KBC, the people who put this together actually made an effort to make the thing aesthetically pleasing. Well done to the production team! They could really spice things up in the analysis by bringing in some former Harambee Stars veteran to give the insider perspective.

Anyway, the time on this cyber cafe’s computer say’s i’ve run up a huge bill so, till later…

Credit Crunch Bites into TV fans coverage

I was intending to do a piece on the new kids on the blockin terms of live sports broadcasting, not just in Kenya, but in Africa. Asi ii is the company in question, GTV, has gone bust.

According to this pieceon the BBC, they have had to call in the liquidators after they were unable to recoup the 200 million USD they invested in their endevours.

For us in East Afrcica as well as losing what was a significantly cheaper portal to English Premier League football, there is also the small issue of who will fill in for the now defunct sposorship deals GTV signed with FUFA (Uganda’s Football administrator)and the recently concluded CECAFA tournament.