A Match Fixing Kenyan Cricketer!? Say it isn’t so…

Some of the more long term fans of Kenyan Cricket will remember the drama which effectively ended the International career of Former Captain, and all rounder Maurice Odumbe, in the early noughties . That saga happened as part of a wider global match fixing investigation was outing big fish such as South Africa’s Hansie Cronje, and India’s Mohammed Azzrahuddin (sp?) et al

Anyway fast forward a decade later and there has been a second global ‘outbreak’ if you will of players accepting inducements to tamper with match results with various convictions (including jail time) handed out to players involved in competitions varying from a Test series between Pakistan and England, through t the Indian Premier League, County Cricket and so on.

There have even been allegations that matches at the 2011 Cricket World Cup (incidentally the last one Kenya qualified for), were affected, with initial suspicion raised over the suspicious number of wides that Kenyan bowlers conceded in their group match against Pakistan, among other things. That particular investigation  ran out of steam but it seems t seems that story itself will not quite die just yet.

say’s Crickets ACSU

Britain’s Daily Mail recently broke a story where among other things a ‘former Kenyan captain’ if fingered in a conspiracy to fix games at that World Cup, from a leaked ICC Anti Corruption Special Unit (ACSU) Probe.

 Thanks to the revelations, the 2010 ODI series between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe fell on ACSU’s radar. These matches were the topic of discussion between JS, a former Kenya captain and a Zimbabwe-based bookie for over five months. More than a 115 calls were made, allegedly to fix matches.

The above quote is the relevant bit for Kenyan cricket in the Daily Mail story. Given that Kenya has a long list of ‘former captains’ very much still active in the game, many still playing, this cat amongst the pigeons is surely not the kind of revelation that the game needs now, never mind at any time.

Anyway lets wait and see if this goes anywhere