The East Africa Cup and Premier League: Season 1 Review

Really this post should have come out last week and on blogger but if they do not like folks posting via Mobile phones then I’m not gonna let that hamper me.

Anyway, the inaugural season of the Cricket Kenya Run East Africa Cup and Premier League came to a close (well sort of) last week with only one of Kenya’s four representatives (Kongonis, in the 50 over E.A Cup) vying for glory.  Never mind the number of hurt egos in senior management this might cause, this should not cause the head honchos in Cricket Kenya to wrap things up and let the idea die (like the Sahara Elite League) it should be an eye opener to something that I reckon has been an elephant in the room for cricket in Kenya for the longest time.

I’ve been of the opinion that Kenya does not have the depth of playing resources to build the kind of team that we need to compete at this level never mind to fulfill the ambitions many of us still have for the game. We may have got away with it in the 1990s, but these days there are at least 4 Associates who by some lucky accident involving work permit court case on a handball player, and that whilst we were chasing each other up and down in court they were getting their youth set ups in order, have invariably more seasoned and exposed teams that we do. Ireland, Holland Scotland, and to a lesser extent Namibia are reaping the rewards of getting involved in competitions of Test nations (England and South Africa) and so on a certain level their national teams come more battle hardened than the best prodigies that come out the N.P.C.A. So hopefully these competitions will address that in the medium term. That aside we need loads more schools and institutions playing cricket so the level of competition needed to get into one of Kenya’s franchises rises and thus the quality of players they start with improves I’ve blogged enough about this in other posts so on to other matter

Off the field the support provided by SuperSport, Crown Berger, and various other corporates in a fantastic vote of confidence, hopefully the goodwill can be maintained going forward.

On a final note, maybe they should consider starting the tournament a month or so earlier so we don’t finish smack dab in the middle of a rainy season 🙂

the not so coke side of life

normally when one talks about government intervention, one assumes this is some private business being nationalised, or refinanced on account of the project, or consequences of the business failing costing too much political capital for the governemt in question to withstand.

Well with this government all we need for an intervention is that the minister is not happy with proceedings. More from my collegue here and from the row in the video embedded below.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Money Money Money!

How many times have followers of the game heard this. “Unfortunately due to the inability to raise our x million shilling budget due to the lack opf response from sponsor y( whose fault it is entirely for this debacle) , we have had to cancel our participation from international competition z”

Anyway it seems the Kenya Hockey Union has very unfortunately had to pull out that excuse again as it has been reported that they have pulled Kenya’s national team out of the Africa Cup of Nations hockey tornament in Accra. The sponsor y in this case being the government whom they have accused of failing to respond to their plees to part finance their 11 million shilling budget for the trip. The Commisioner of Sports on the othert hand was not slow to pull out the classic excuse of ‘being unaware’ of any such request presented by the Kenya Hockey Union.

Kenya’s absence from the Africa cup means they misss out on the qualifying tournament fro the World Championships, and thus by default kenya miss the World Championships, themselves as well as a ranking event for possible inclusion in the next Commonwealth games in India.