So Football Kenya went out and in their first act brought back a certain football messiah (coach) called Francis Kimanzi and he didn’t deliver. Ouch, just Ouch! Kenya’s first major test on his watch and we get dumped out of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup, at the first hurdle, with just 3 points and 2 goals scored in 3 games. Granted it was a really tough group and the squad had hardly been together 48 hrs when they had to step out in Dar es Salaam for their first match. Nonetheless it still galls this blogger just how poor (impotent going forward and lax in defence) a team led by Kenya’s most qualified coach was for the better part of the tournament. It is way too early at this stage to call for heads to roll, but this showing shows that Kimanzi’s honeymoon is over before its even began and Kenya go into their Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier v. Togo with needing to do wonders to close the gap between the expectations he has set for Harambee Stars and the reality on the ground. So what does this blogger reckon is most urgent? In the attack we seemed determined to go the way of the long ball. Hoofing the ball forward and assuming the striker who got on the end of it (be it Mugalia, Kimani, Waruru, or Ochieng) would single handedly manufacture a goal. Never mind they often were outnumbered by defenders and pushed into a far corner of the field and totally isolated from their own team mates. That and the occasional lapse in in concentration on the defence’s part will likely be high on Kimanzi’s list. Having said that let me restate that it is way too early to be calling for heads to roll, but it would be nice for things to start looking up.

Real quickie…

Been back in Kenya since mid July and figures i would post a quick one regards to the brief time online and to dust a few of the old cobwebs accumulating on this blog page.

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This will be a quick run through all the major events in Kenyan sports in the past month and a half.

The cricket team did well to pick up and away draw in Ireland and a comprehensive win against Canada in the Intercontinental Cup but put the ODI form esp with the increasingly frequent batting collapses is a major cause for concern

FKL should do better that organizing friendly matches on inconvenient dates in dubiously opaque situations. having friendlies at at all is a good thing but Mr Hey and co on the Harambee stars bench need to have more access to all their players so it would make sense to put the games on FIFA allocated dates to guarantee they are all available.

KPL season reaching its climax and Sofapaka have come from nowhere to not only rule the roost on top of the table but they are setting standards money wise. Old timers like Gor Mahia and AFC Leopards take note…

AK did us all proud with the third place finish at the IAAF World championships but surely How is it we could not produce a single athlete in any of the field events needs to be investigated. Can’t we even find a single championship quality long jumper at the very least

The Elgon Cup concludes this weekend and prospects for its future and in the balance money wise. Surely what are KRFU doing with Safari sevens that cannot be replicated in the Elgon Cup?

On Boxing Conjestina Achieng is back in the ring good times…

And finally to Cricket Kenya. WAPI HIYO ELITE LEAGUE?

Are we not learning?

Was reading through a piece in the Daily Nation regarding the recent gates from the World Cup Qualifier match between Kenya and Tunisia at the newly rebranded Coca Cola National stadium and this particular paragraph struck me

Of the 27,000 tickets offered for sale, 24,507 were taken up by the public translating to 22,513 terrace tickets sold from the 24,000 on offer and 1,996 centre stand tickets sold from 3,000 on offer.

The figures, however, do not seem to tally with the actual attendance of the match which showed a crowd well beyond the 30,000 capacity at the Coca-Cola National Stadium.

“No one can verify how many people the stadium (Coca-Cola) can hold,” FKL senior vice chairman Titus Kasuve said. Even though Coca-Cola stadium lacks seats, official records of Sports Stadia Management Board, the managers of the facility, indicate that it’s official capacity stands at 30,000.

Just in the first weekend of KPL action a match involving AFC Leopards and Nairobi City Stars saw a near disaster as the stadium was reported to have been flooded up to twice its capacity and it was at this very stadium that a stampede broke out costing the the life of one 15 year old fan. Now if the KFF/FKL (whoever is incharge these days) is capable of producing detailed reccords of who has official ticket and therefore has official permission to enjoy Kenyn football from inside the stadium how do all these extra fans (nothing agaisbt their passion to support our boys) keep getting access?

the article in question, incase you would like to have a read

Even more Hubris.

Only a few weeks after Football Kenya sacked a head coach over disagreements with the board, there is already a rift growing between the stand in coach John ‘Bobby’ Ogolla and the FKL board.

It has been reported in The Daily Nation that Mr Ogolla has stated that he will not convene a team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers without receving his match fees upfront. It has also been reported in the same article that he sided with the players over the issue a sit in they staged concerning appearance fees due from the recent friendly match against Egypt. (the same friendly which former coach Francis Kimanzi was sacked for opposing). The article even goes on to say that the above sacking ‘was not final’ and therefore could be reversed.

Whilst the management of Football Kenya hide behind accusations of non-patriotism on the part of the coach and the players for demanding to be paid, this blogger wonders do FK really expect Kenya’s footballers can live on’patriotism’ whilst allowing themselves to be dragged off to all the four corners of the globe on FK’s secretive, hastily arranged, and money driven agendas for free?