Are we not learning?

Was reading through a piece in the Daily Nation regarding the recent gates from the World Cup Qualifier match between Kenya and Tunisia at the newly rebranded Coca Cola National stadium and this particular paragraph struck me

Of the 27,000 tickets offered for sale, 24,507 were taken up by the public translating to 22,513 terrace tickets sold from the 24,000 on offer and 1,996 centre stand tickets sold from 3,000 on offer.

The figures, however, do not seem to tally with the actual attendance of the match which showed a crowd well beyond the 30,000 capacity at the Coca-Cola National Stadium.

“No one can verify how many people the stadium (Coca-Cola) can hold,” FKL senior vice chairman Titus Kasuve said. Even though Coca-Cola stadium lacks seats, official records of Sports Stadia Management Board, the managers of the facility, indicate that it’s official capacity stands at 30,000.

Just in the first weekend of KPL action a match involving AFC Leopards and Nairobi City Stars saw a near disaster as the stadium was reported to have been flooded up to twice its capacity and it was at this very stadium that a stampede broke out costing the the life of one 15 year old fan. Now if the KFF/FKL (whoever is incharge these days) is capable of producing detailed reccords of who has official ticket and therefore has official permission to enjoy Kenyn football from inside the stadium how do all these extra fans (nothing agaisbt their passion to support our boys) keep getting access?

the article in question, incase you would like to have a read

Same old same old…

Who would have guessed it. Within a week of Ingwe’s (AFC Leopards) epic return to top flight football the old spectre of match abndonments would not be far behind.

Their first match back in the KPL against the newly renamed Nairobi City Stars was abandoned in the 60th minute when the swollen crowd of Football fans brought down a perimeter fence surrounding the pitch with AFC Leopards trailing 1-0 to their hosts. The finger pointing is already in full force with Stadium officials at the World Hope centre in Kawangware blaming an influx of ‘illegal fans’ for the abandonment.

They say that they sold 2000 official tickets but there may have been more than 5000 people watching the game. Which leaves this blogger wondering, if there were official tickets, where did the other 3000 odd prove that they had a rights to access the ground?