Athletics Kenya sends team to World Indoors

With the Olympics happening this year and a strong showing from the World Championships in Osaka, Athletics Kenya will be looking to build some more confidence and momentum by sending a
team of athletes to compete at the World Indoor athletics Championships in Valencia Later this week.

Atheletes include veterans such as Wilfed Bungei and up and coming stars Daniel Kipchirchir Komen. Details on the rest of the team from the Eats African Standard here.

Hello and Good day to all

Hello good day all you supporters of all Kenyan sports teams and athletes competing in various disciplines all over the worldand in the domestic circuit . This blog will include specialized articles on, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Athletics, Hockey, Volleyball(both men and women) as well as special mentions for basketball, swimming motor sports and possibly martial arts if enough info on Kenyan athletes in that discipline can be provided. Please feel free to send in information comments and suggestions and hopefully through your contributions we can make this blog both insightful and enjoyable to all readers

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