Money! Money! Money!

If we had a little money!So goes the popularly 1970s Swedish rock band ABBA. Something is going down at Cricket Kenya, and its connected to the way they handle their money.

The Story in question, which to tell you is simple a cut paste job of a Facebook post by a more connected cricket stakeholder, indicates that there are some serious rumblings over the revenue that Cricket Kenya is raking in thanks to the East Africa Premier League and Cup Competitions

Consider this. For a long time the official narrative for why the game of cricket is still well…a niche sport is the absence of resources to do a proper expansion of the game


Well , if the rumblings of these stakeholders are to be believed, then Cricket Kenya, don’t have ‘a little money,’ they are bloody drowning in it!

So where is it all going? My best best is that most is swallowed up in salaries and Central contracts and so on, but is only a best guess based on the few tit bits that Cricket Kenya actually releases.

In that Vacuum the ‘stakeholders’ come out and make ruckus about their rights and so on and  ultimately the game is the big loser, as we Kenyans know what ‘Stakeholders’ are all about?

Anyway, there is an annual general meeting coming up where the usual tug of war between ‘stakeholders’ and board members will happen, and we will very likely end up where we started, despite there being plenty of voices calling for a more reasoned and practical approach.

I means seriously the East African Competitions, all sorts of ICC and corporate funds, are directed to the board to build a game of international repute and to date it hasn’t happened isn’t it time the bickering stopped and the growth began?