Five countries are in critical care concerning their national anti-doping programmes. The IAAF is implementing an action plan to monitor compliance to IAAF Rule 30.6 with respect to the federations of Ethiopia, Morocco, Belarus, Kenya and Ukraine.

Morocco and Ethiopia both need to appoint an anti-doping coordinator and, as a matter of urgency, establish a national testing programme. Belarus, Kenya and Ukraine have been put on an IAAF monitoring list for 2016 to ensure their national anti-doping programmes are significantly strengthened to ensure their journey to compliance to Rule 30.6 is completed by the end of the year.


The 203rd IAAF Council Meeting, which was chaired by IAAF President Sebastian Coe, focused on the IAAF reform process to restore trust in both the organisation and the integrity of competition. An update from the IAAF Taskforce concerning the verification of Russia’s progress towards meeting the Reinstatement Conditions was delivered by independent chair Rune Andersen.

IAAF reform process

IAAF Council heard updates from all the reform groups. The package of reforms will enable the IAAF to become a robust modern organisation with the necessary safeguards and controls and the right education to protect the organisation and ensure it is not exposed to unnecessary risk in the future.

Lord Paul Deighton delivered his financial review. A number of recommendations were agreed, including immediate fixes around delegated authorities and financial checks and balances. A comprehensive root and branch review of all financial controls and wider corporate governance is now in place.


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