Rio Olympics: Kenya Misses Doping Deadline, Faces Ban

It seems that the Jubilee government has whiffed on yet another promise. This time to WADA that they would put up tghe reources to get a serious Kenyan Anti-Doping Authority off the ground by Thursday

The Sport News Portal

Kenya has missed a deadline to prove to the World Anti-Doping Agency it is tackling cheating in athletics following a spate of positive drugs tests among the country’s elite athletes and fresh allegations of corruption.

Kenya has not been able to provide the assurances WADA wants and will be placed on a ‘watch-list’ of nations at risk of breaching the agency’s code.

The East African country, whose athletes are dominant in distance running, will be given two months to bring in new legislation and funding, or automatically be declared non-compliant with Wada.

That could mean a possible ban from the Olympics, which take place later this year in Brazil, and other major events.

A WADA statement said while “some progress has been made” with the Anti-Doping Agency of Kenya, there is “still a lot of work required”.

It said that, following a series of questions to Kenyan authorities, it had…

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