Kenya miss world cup again

Another round of qualifiers for the ICC is done and Kenya’s is once again one of the teams who came up short. The 6 slots set aside for associates at said World Cup were taken up by Ireland, Afghanistan, Nepal, Hong Kong, United Arab Emirates, and The Netherlands. Kenya finished 11th out of 16 with 3 wins and 4 losses at the group stage and a playoff win over Canada.

At the end of the day even the last minute return of Steve Tikolo and Thomas Odoyo did not do enough to bridge the growing gap between Kenya and some of the top associates, that have moved from strength to strength since the ICC launched a formal development program for non full members in the noughties.

In the short term the national team has to pick itself up and try fight for the last two of four world cup slots, in the 50 over version of the game, which will be contested in New Zealand in February. Too much is at stake for Kenya to risk missing that world cup, or even lose their One Day international status, which will also be at decided at the New Zealand qualifiers

However, there is something to be said about about the long term actions that can be done, or should begin to take in the wake of Kenya’s missing yet another world cup. Some of which I have highlighted on this blog , and have likely been advocated by numerous other stakeholders. However as things stand all that could be moot if Cricket Kenya lose the funding they receive from the International Cricket Council’s High Performance Programme.

Author: Kimemia Maina

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