Winding Down, for now

For me the most important aspect of next week’s games for Kenya is the fact that (according to the ICC website ) all of the limited overs matches will day-night affairs which. A little extra exposure to floodlights which Kenya like most associates does not get very often. For our opponents on the other hand, World Cup Qualification and a place in the Intercontinental Cup final are still very much on the cards. Can Kenya act the spoiler?
Squad details have yet to be announced, hopefully that will be soon, but with very little riding in it for Kenya this post is about a few reflections on how this world cup qualifying campaign and Intercontinental cup has gone so far
Firstly, we are not out of world cup qualification; we just can’t make it through the current WCL championship. Ireland took the title and slot number one. The one match they have lost throughout the two year old league is to Kenya. Afghanistan needs to overtake the Netherlands to grab slot number two. There will be another qualifying tournament for the rest of the associates to squabble over the remaining two slots in the months to come, so all is not lost for Kenya on that front.
On the Intercontinental Cup Kenya, have still to win the competition. Our best ever showing remains the shock loss to Ireland in the inaugural edition, and this round will mark the 3rd? time in a row Kenya has not made the knock out stages. With one match remaining Kenya’s Rakep Patel’s 130 is the only century of so far whilst Hiren Varaiya’s 26 wickets are almost double the second highest wicket taker, in the Kenya team.
Oh well after this dead rubber, there will be the Twenty 20 World Cup qualifiers, so if nothing else this would be a good time to tune up for them.

Author: Kimemia Maina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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