Some Chris #Froome-ination from an awestruck blogger

To be honest this blogger hasn’t sat on, never mind ridden a bicycle of any shape or form this millenium. He was done with the Tour de France in general due to all the doping scandals, and at the end of the day, Chris Froome’s amazing victory could be said to be more in spite of Kenya than because of it. However that brief these two articles on the BBC website and in the Daily Nation are truly inspiring, pretty much any way you slice them.

It is not everyday that you read about someone taking a personal initiative on the level that Chris Froome took, to overcome some very difficult obstacles, to get himself onto the European cycling circuit the way he did. It is not every day you find a person at his age then, or even now so dedicated to a vision they will endure what he did to chase it down. Certainly it is something we all should look at as inspiration when we have a downer at work, or looking at some obstacle in our way to our destinies. For what I saw in those two stories is that a single person’s vision can be greater than the blindness of the systems around them.


Author: kimemiamaina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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