East Africa Cricket Leagues Reborn

According to this report from Supersport cricket analyst, slash full time Liverpool FC fan Arjun Vidyarthi, The third editions of the East Africa Premier League and Cup are set to witness some far reaching changes intended to spice things up for the fledgling tournaments. This is a brief summary of the changes that look to have been confirmed.

For the t20 East Africa Premier League, the whole thing will be compressed from the old 8? week 2 leg format to fit into 4 days of cricket action. There will be two new franchises (One from Tanzania, one from Rwanda) joining the already existing 6 from Kenya and Uganda. The games will all be played at the Simba Union, and Nairobi Club grounds, whereas before they were home and away games for all the franchises before the semis and finals which were all at the Nairobi Gymkhana. It will also not run at the same time as the East Africa Cup.

As for the 50 over East Africa Cup, the tournament will still have 6 franchises, this time split into 2 groups, and the tournament, but the action will be compressed into 1 month. The semis and final venue will now be the Simba Union. On a general level there is also talk of pros from Pakistan being drafted in, one per franchise to bring in some quality and name recognition to the games. I’m going to wait till the actual identities this cricketers is to pass judgement on that. However, if it is something along the lines of the veteran nationals Zimbabwe coaxed to play its own Premier League (Jason Gillespie, Andre Nel types) then I’m all for it.

If the inline link in the article above didn’t work here is the raw url http://mobi.supersport.com/cricket/blogs/arjun-vidyarthi/EACC_almost_upon_us

Author: Kimemia Maina

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One thought on “East Africa Cricket Leagues Reborn”

  1. Good going this. it’s always encouraging to see professional tournaments outside of the traditional glamour nations. World cricket needs Kenya to rise back to the heights they reached in the early 2000s.

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