#AUat50 and a bunch of things.

This weekend the great and good of the African Union? were in Nairobi to toast the 50th birthday of what is now known as the African Union. There’s been alot of hoopla on what the organisation has achieved or failed to achieve. This is a sports blog. Therefore this post will look at the sports aspect of it. So what does African Sports have to show for 50 years of this organisation existing?

When the Addis based organisation was born, 50 years ago, Africa had a nascent Cup of Nations, a handful of gold medals at the olympics and very little else. A big percentage of of people on the continent were still in the shackles of colonialism. Now with everyone good and delivered from the evils of the west (or so we think) what are the achievements? The Cup of Nations is alot bigger, there’s a much bigger bunch of Olympic and Commonwealth medals be there’s a bunch of young men winning glory, trophies and money for various storied European clubs. How much of this is down to the African Union. Well, to the best of my knowledge NOTHING! Perhaps there is something on the down low, maybe the odd diplomatic intervention to get a visa stamped somewhere, I don’t know. Maybe its a show of how far this organisation needs to do, or maybe it is just that there are better placed institutions to do this and by doing nothing they are allowing there organisations to do their own work.

Is there more they can do


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