#EAPL II: A short preview.

It’s here! It has snuck up on unsuspecting Kenyans (starting in the middle of an olympics so even fewer notice) again! It’s the second edition of the East Africa Premier League and Cup, and it kicks off on August 4th. For those off you who missed edition one, the Nile Knights of Uganda, to the T20 Premier League, only to be stopped by Kenya’s Kongonis in the Final of the One Day competition. Here’s hoping that this round, the finals don’t get postponed till 3 months later over rain. Cynicism aside, this blogger feels that having got over the hump of getting such a venture off the ground at all last year, this competition will only be looking to get better and better. Right, into the nitty gritty of this year’s competition. The biggest change, so far announced on the field, in the replacement of the franchise Nairobi Buffaloes, with Kanbis. It seems the Kanbis Cricket Club honchos weren’t going to let some of their NPCA stars continue to shine for rival teams at East Africa any longer and It’s no suprise to me that the heart of this new franchise (Rakep Patel, Rajesh Bhudiya, Ramesh Mepani) is essentially those of its members who made the biggest impact in last year’s tournament. The biggest victim of this ‘poaching’ is Kongonis. Without the bulk of the players who made them such a formidable batting machine last year, they’ll be looking to at the likes of Nick Oluoch, to come good and back up the talent of newly acquired Collins Obuya and Alex Obanda. Their bowling, especially in the spin department, looks as deadly as ever with Abdul Rehman, returning to partner Kenya international Shem Obado. The other ‘victim’ of Kanbis’s wrath, Rift Valley Rhinos, have kept faith in the core of last year’s team, with the impressive Mitesh Sanghani, Nelson Odhiambo, and the veteran experience of Peter Ongondo, and the inspirational leadership of Hiren Varaiya making for a potent bowling unit. Last but not least, is Coast Pekee. Having endured a less than memorable outing last year, they have made the most radical changes, of the Kenya based franchises, to their roster. James Kamande, and Irfan Karim head hunted to strengthen the batting whilst Alfred Luseno and Nehemiah Odhiambo will be expected to add muscle to a bowling attack That’s a who’s who of Kenya youth system. At this point, this blogger has not been able to find out what the Ugandan franchises, The Warriors and the Knights, are up to, or indeed a final fixture list so as soon as I can, I’ll post it all up here. Anyway, what


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