So Football Kenya went out and in their first act brought back a certain football messiah (coach) called Francis Kimanzi and he didn’t deliver. Ouch, just Ouch! Kenya’s first major test on his watch and we get dumped out of the CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup, at the first hurdle, with just 3 points and 2 goals scored in 3 games. Granted it was a really tough group and the squad had hardly been together 48 hrs when they had to step out in Dar es Salaam for their first match. Nonetheless it still galls this blogger just how poor (impotent going forward and lax in defence) a team led by Kenya’s most qualified coach was for the better part of the tournament. It is way too early at this stage to call for heads to roll, but this showing shows that Kimanzi’s honeymoon is over before its even began and Kenya go into their Africa Cup of Nations Qualifier v. Togo with needing to do wonders to close the gap between the expectations he has set for Harambee Stars and the reality on the ground. So what does this blogger reckon is most urgent? In the attack we seemed determined to go the way of the long ball. Hoofing the ball forward and assuming the striker who got on the end of it (be it Mugalia, Kimani, Waruru, or Ochieng) would single handedly manufacture a goal. Never mind they often were outnumbered by defenders and pushed into a far corner of the field and totally isolated from their own team mates. That and the occasional lapse in in concentration on the defence’s part will likely be high on Kimanzi’s list. Having said that let me restate that it is way too early to be calling for heads to roll, but it would be nice for things to start looking up.

Author: Kimemia Maina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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