Kenya T20: Clearly Still Learning (part 2)

As I write this Kenya’s national Cricket team are on their way back from Zimbabwe after playing 3 of that Nation’s domestic franchises (and the Zimbabwe Under 19s) in a series of T20 matches. The final analysis was 2 wins, 4 losses and 1 abandonment. Generally, with the exception of a 3 wicket win against the Eagles ([url= Rakep Patel’s hard work[/url]) our batting struggled for momentum. Indeed the above victory is th only game we managed more than 130 in our own innings. On the other hand the closeness of most of the games nonetheless points to a fighting spirit which this blogger reckons will stand that squad well in the future. However, depending on an explosive innings by top order batsman conveniently booted down the order, or a bowler defying gravity is hardly…sustainable. Somebody, or some of the batsmen have to start putting their hands up on a more consistent basis so the bowlers aren’t up against it so often. This being something that Kenya have struggled in reada years and not just in this format of cricket. I pray earnestly that this won’t be the case soon. Over to you, Mile Hesson.

Author: Kimemia Maina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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