Winds of Change

So after  5? years, the era of Coach Benjamin Ayimba has come to an end.  The news broke,  or rather was leaked, to media houses at the start of this week, that the entire coaching staff had been shown the door. The new team will be led by Mitch Ocholla, currently the hottest prospect on the caoaching circuit due to his work with Strathmore University of the last few seasons.
Hang on this is rather old news so why post a blog about it now? The reason is t reflect on where the sevens team is now and what this change is supposed to achieve. No doubt when Ayimba was appointed coach Kenyan fans didn’t quite have the ambitions that we do now, neither had we made any semi-finals or translated the odd upset we’d pull off from time to time into World Series points. All of these were done in the reign of Mr. Ayimba. Yet on the other hand the last two seasons have been marked by a sense of disappointment and missed opportunities. Since becoming  a core nation on the back of an amateur rugby set up, we haven’t really broken any new ground  terms of  results on the field. So was this justification to change leadership and move on perhaps. Was it justification to do it without any kind of decorum or manners, perhaps not.
His successor, therefore has something of a glass ceiling to break through if he is gonna match the expectations of the fans, that have been whetted by Ayimba’s tenure. Certainly though our amateur status is a factor, it is certainly not the only thing he has to address going.  I reckon the best way to  express what I mean is by this lame joke that came to me this morning.
 A Kenyan Rugby Fanatic was invited to an exclusive bash to celebrate the achievements of the Sevens tem. Halfway through the party he notices that they’ve been serving food but no drinks. So he asks the hosts.
“How come there’s lots of food here but no drink?” The hosts answers
“Because Kenya sevens do not have any cups.”
On that note I would like to with Mitch Ocholla and his team best of luck with the sevens team.

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