Africa T20 Qualifiers

 Even as I write this the International Cricket Council has screwed its associate members AGAIN!  Apparently in exchange for not being chucked out of the 2015 50 over World Cup (we only get chucked out in 2019), the ICC has decided that they are going to take back 4 of the 6 slots they had previously allocated to associates in the T20 World Cup. Never mind the qualifiers have already started. It’s like CAF deciding today to slash the number of participants at the Cup of nations to 8 [/rant]
 Back to the matter at hand, In all honesty, from the fixture list if Kenya doesn’t mercilessly thrash all and sundry (maybe with the exception of our stubborn neighbours Uganda) then we can conclude that Cricket in Kenya is dead and move on to baseball and hockey. Then again with almost the entire ‘golden generation’ of Kenyan cricketers now passed out of circulation (some of whom were kicking and screaming on the way out) maybe this blogger ought not to take it for granted that the current crop will sweep past the likes of Ghana and Nigeria.
Either way as a matter of the standards that we  expect of ourselves and the rest of the cricketing world has come to expect from Kenya we really should win this tournaments and then move on to the global qualifier where the real business of determining who gets the six oops I mean two spaces on the  high table for associates and affiliates.

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