For the avoidance of doubt

it has come to the attention of this blog writer that there is a journalist who has been peddling the idea that the current Kenya national cricket team, Eldine Baptiste, coach has a “100% losing record.’ This ‘journalist’ has based several of his pieces on the national team on this statement. I will do a post with greater detail on Kenya’s performance later. This post is to put out his actual record to the best of my knowledge. Now Eldine Baptiste was appointed Kenya’s head coach a few months before the Qualifying tournament for the 2010 T20 World Cup qualifiers. Under his guidance Kenya won all their 4 matches in a build up tri series in involving Scotland and Uganda. The wheels came off in the qualifying tournament where Kenya lost two of their three qualifiers to bow out of the competition. In the intercontinental Cup, Baptiste has overseen matches v. Zimbabwe XI, Scotland, and the Netherlands. Kenya lost to Scotland and beat Holland by 5 wickets. In the OD format of the game, there are the infamous 6 losses in the Div 1 World Cricket league, a 1-1 series tie with Scotland and a 4-1 series loss to Zimbabwe. That gives an overall win loss record of 6 wins and approximately 12 defeats. not pleasant reading, but not the 100% going round in some circles


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One thought on “For the avoidance of doubt”

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