New Man in Charge

Following Monday’s reshuffle, Dr. Paul Nyongesa Otuoma is Kenya’s new Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs. He comes in from the Ministry of Fisheries Development. His big achievement there is being the only Minister in the Grand Coalition who’s line Ministry completed its Economic stimulus Programme in time. He has served as MP for Funyula. the man is also a member of Bunge FC, so he’s got to be physically fit.

He takes over from Proffessor Helen Sambili, whose term was stained by wrangles with just about everybofy there was that could possibly be wrangled with. Top of the agenda for Otuoma will be the long running feud in football between the FIFA recognized Football Kenya Limited, and the GOK registered Kenya Football Federation. Despite a ruling in favour of FKL by the Court of Arbitration for Sports, there has been no movement on the part of the warring boards to patch up and move the game forward. Though not sanctioned to actually do anything, perhaps he could still facillitate a xclimb down of the KFF part so as to prevent the current stalemate becoming permanent

As a graduate of Eastleigh High School this blogger hopes that his tenure may lead to greater rapport between Cricket Kenya and the gorvernment.


Author: kimemiamaina

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