Money Money Money!

How many times have followers of the game heard this. “Unfortunately due to the inability to raise our x million shilling budget due to the lack opf response from sponsor y( whose fault it is entirely for this debacle) , we have had to cancel our participation from international competition z”

Anyway it seems the Kenya Hockey Union has very unfortunately had to pull out that excuse again as it has been reported that they have pulled Kenya’s national team out of the Africa Cup of Nations hockey tornament in Accra. The sponsor y in this case being the government whom they have accused of failing to respond to their plees to part finance their 11 million shilling budget for the trip. The Commisioner of Sports on the othert hand was not slow to pull out the classic excuse of ‘being unaware’ of any such request presented by the Kenya Hockey Union.

Kenya’s absence from the Africa cup means they misss out on the qualifying tournament fro the World Championships, and thus by default kenya miss the World Championships, themselves as well as a ranking event for possible inclusion in the next Commonwealth games in India.


Author: kimemiamaina

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