U 19 World Cup preparations

With the U19 World Cup set to be hosted in kenya in 2010, the Coast Province Cricket Association is continuing to receive the benefits of the the new management in Kenyan Crickert with the Coast Gymkhana set to become the province’s second international standard cricket venue after Mombasa Sports Club. This is to prepare the ground and, the city of Mombasa to host the ICC event which will see the best U19 talents from all over the World converge in Kenya for the tournament in what should be the highest profile cricket event on Kenyan soil since the 2003 World Cup

As far as player preparation is concerned, Cricket Kenya might want to up the ante with a weakened team failing to dominate at the recent regional qualifiers . However, exam issues aside that the prebiuos U19 crop were unable to qualify for the previuos World Cup, (Namibia and Uganda upstaging them) is one of several things that will probably weigh on the minds of the Kenyans as they take their place as tournament hosts, as well as the disatsrous showing of the lasty Kenya u19 team to play at an u19 World Cup (New Zealand 2001).


I can now confirm that several grounds in Mombasa, Nairobi and indeed Nakuru are getting a fcelift for the U19 World Cup and the money is all coming out of Cricket kenya’s pocket. These include, the Rift Valley Sports Club, Greensteds School (both Nakuru), which will be ditching astroturf for proper grass wickets.

As a former Greenie student this leaves me eondering what this means for the other sports that regularly use that field ie. Rugby, Football, Hockey etc…


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