The Reckoning.

21st of April 2009. This date could very well be the most important one in the history of cricket in Kenya not only as a matter of the national team’s pre-eminence as the most powerfulf team outside the test scene but of the legitimacy of the board that, has found itself facing a mounting barrage of criticism from often suspect quarters over their struggle to re-create the miracle that was Kenya’s semi-final run in the 2003 World Cup. This date is scheduled to host the final of the ICC World Cup Qualifiers set to start on April the 1st and the future of Kenyan cricket hinges very much on whether they will be playing a central, or peripheral role in proceedings on that day. I could wax lyrical on the fixtures and teams etc, here but I already have See here

Much has changed since then especially in global cricket with the International Cricket Council (that pretty much funds all non-test cricket and is supposed to be in charge of the global game) increasingly a bit part player in the power games of its larger full members i.e the BCCI (India), the ECB (England and Wales), CA (Australia) and the CSA (South Africa). More significantly has been the end of permanent ODI status which Kenya enjoyed from 1997? to 2005 for a temporary status ODI status which has increasingly put pressure on the teams that hold that status to put results out on the pitch to hang on to the ICC’s funding.

Much of Kenya’s developement hinges on not only securing a place on the plane to the subcontinent in 2011, and the extra funding that comes to the teams that end up in the ICC’s World Cricket League Division One, as well as first proirity when it comes to whatever process the ICC deems fit to select their token Associate representaives at such cash cows as the upcoming T20 World Cup in England later this year.


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