World Cup Qualifier schedule out

The ICC have officially released the schedule for The Cricet World Cup qualifiers which will be in South Africa later this year. Kenya, who will be participating in the qualifiers for the first time since the ICC abolished permanent ODI status in 2005, are in group B with The Netherlands, Afghanistan, Denmark, Bermuda and the UAE, while group A contains Ireland, Scotland, Uganda, Namibia, Canada, Oman.

The tournament will be divided into two sections, a group stage in which the twelve participants will battle it out in two groups for four slots in a super 8 stage. The Super 8 stage will see the 4 qualifiers from Group A play the qualifiers from Group B for one of the four semifinal spots. The Semifinals and finals will be straight knockouts.

Though It has not been stated on any of the sources I have seen I very much suspect, that in its ICC tradition, points won against other qualifiers in the first round group stage will be carried forward to the next stage. i.e If say Kenya beats the Ntherlands in the first round group game and both qualify for the next round, Kenya will start the Super 8 with the points it gained off the Netherlands, but if Kenya beat the Netherlands but the Netherlands fail to qualify, then the points are lost. Confused? See the full fixture list in lengthly glory here .

At stake are not only the 4 slots at the Cricket World cup in the Sub-continent in 2011 but the 6 ODI status slots currently held by Kenya, Ireland, Scotland, The Netherlands, Canada, and Bermuda that allow them to haggle for fully recognised One Day Internationals against Test nations.

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