Even more Hubris.

Only a few weeks after Football Kenya sacked a head coach over disagreements with the board, there is already a rift growing between the stand in coach John ‘Bobby’ Ogolla and the FKL board.

It has been reported in The Daily Nation that Mr Ogolla has stated that he will not convene a team for the upcoming World Cup qualifiers without receving his match fees upfront. It has also been reported in the same article that he sided with the players over the issue a sit in they staged concerning appearance fees due from the recent friendly match against Egypt. (the same friendly which former coach Francis Kimanzi was sacked for opposing). The article even goes on to say that the above sacking ‘was not final’ and therefore could be reversed.

Whilst the management of Football Kenya hide behind accusations of non-patriotism on the part of the coach and the players for demanding to be paid, this blogger wonders do FK really expect Kenya’s footballers can live on’patriotism’ whilst allowing themselves to be dragged off to all the four corners of the globe on FK’s secretive, hastily arranged, and money driven agendas for free?

Author: Kimemia Maina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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