Surplus Hubris

After leading Kenya thus far in their unlikely quest to be at the 2010 World Cup and a fairly commendable showing at the 2008-9 CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup. The first altercation between National team coach Francis Kimanzi and the Harambee Stars management since then has already cost the former his job.

Francis Kimanzi has been handed his P45 not ore than 24 hours after daring his employers to sack him over their alleged unreasonable scheduling of friendly matches. As quoted in the Daily Nation Mr kimanzi’s grievances over the said friendly matches are as thus

“How can we hurriedly take a second team for a friendly match saying that we are exposing them? This would have been a very unpopular thing to do and I stood my ground that I wouldn’t be part of it,”


“Fifa rules are clear about dates for international friendlies and clubs will not be willing to release players for friendlies that are outside Fifa’s approved calendar dates,”

as well as

“There are specific Fifa friendly dates in the association’s calendar, yet we don’t want to utilise them. Why insist on dates that will have no meaning in our ranking?”

Football Kenya have on the other hand been quoted through their sectetary Sammy Obingo as saying

“FK finds both Kimanzi and Serry totally indisciplined and their continued stay at the helm of Harambee Stars technical bench is not in the best interest of the team on along term,”

Aside from the fact that Since Jacob ‘ghost’ Mulee’s stint in 2003?-2005? Kenya have not had a coach last even 6 months at a go at the job is it really wise for the management to be wielding the axe yet again? And even though he had reason to be upset about the undermining of his authority as head coach, and most of us football fans will agree he has done a failry good job since he took charge, what was he trying to achieve by laying down such an ultimatum to people like FK’s officials? Further to that wwhat will FK’s officials do if the new guy in charge also feels unhappy about the way they do their bisiness. Will they listen to him or show him the door?

His relacement, John ‘Bobby’ Ogolla now takes the reins of the national team just before they take on the might of Tunisia and Nigeria in World Cup and AfricaCup of Nations qualifiers, as well as the unkown force of Mozambique as well as probably that friendly agaisnt Egypt .

ore from KTN


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