My Two Cents

Althoght htis post is not sport related there won’t be anything sports realted to put up on this blog while ths crisis affecting Kenya continues without being solved

I agree with taking action against injustices when they occur and generally refusing to let issues like that fester until they explode in even worse consequences I do not think that the aggrieved parties have so far done anything to actually resolve the primary concern here. The flawed election.

It is one thing to feel rightly aggrieved when an opponent is declared winner of an election in the dodgy circumstances that saw Kibaki returned to state house and with the glaring irregularities in the counting process. The unfortunate thing is that though they do have a right to be aggrieved the opposition rather than uphold exercise the institutions that are meant to protect from and deal with these miscarriages of justice, have deemed it neccessary to further undermine the very purpose of their existence by resorting to fighting with the state’s security apparatus using mobs of largely disillusioned and misguided followers. What has been clear from the rhetoric on the ODM side is that apparently unless their guy Raila Odinga is in State house then under no circumstances can the election be deemed credible leave alone democratic. While it would completely absurd to say that they, the ODM have no reason to feel cheated and should just lie down and get on with life they should not take this as some kind of leave to ignore the ‘civilised’ route by trying to bully their way to their objective at the expense of the very thing they claim to defend, democracy and the respect of democratic institutions.

On the flip side the cynicism with which the people now sat very comfortably in the government benches have tried and continue to try deny that something is genuinely wrong is very dissapointing. Yes PNU’s own candidate garnered four million votes and could very well have won the election despite the irregularities that occured in the whole process but this is no excuse to try sweep everything under the carpet and pretend that everything will be fine and the troubles will ‘go away if ignored for long enough.’ over 500 people are dead, hundreds of thousands are homeless, 3 constituencies do not have an MP millions if not billions of shillings worth of property have been damaged and the numerous communities have been shredded (not for the first time) by the violence and if something is not done these things will happen again and again.

But then again thats probably not going to happen now is it?


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