2008 Provisional schedule is out

The ICC have launched a provisional ODI schedule for its HPP countries which sees Kenya playing Scotland twice away Ireland in 8 ODI matches of which 5 will be at home and 3 away as well as the Netherlands in a single match in August. Now Kenya do not have any matches against test teams scheduled yet which is rather disappointing as it won’t help the boys gain any experience playing the kind of top quality opposition they will need to build the necessary confidence at the highest level this list is provisional and it is hoped that something will be organised. However it is to be noted that on top of having to prove their credentials in the T20 games in Ireland when Kenya’s biggest new rival in global cricket host the qualifiers for the T20 World Cup scheduled for England in 2009, on top of the other 8 ODI’s against the same opponents mentioned above, two convincing series wins against the only other Non-Test team on the ODI championship table should do Kenya’s relatively poor ranking some justice, and maybe, just maybe open up a slim opportunity for Kenya to earn a place at the next Champions Trophy and another shot at the Test teams as early as 2008.

Author: Kimemia Maina

blogger, writer, dreamer...

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