World Cup qualifier Draw

The draw for the World cup in SA in 2010 has handed Kenya a very winnable group, full details are available here. Although Kenya ‘s poor world ranking meant they were in the bottom pot and very possibly looking at a very difficult draw that they ended up with Guinea whom Kenya have beaten before, Zimbabwe and Namibia as the principle opponents in group 2, will be a major relief as they have avoided any of the major football powers such as Nigeria and Cameroon at this early stage of qualification where a group win or a strong second place will be enough to see them into the third round of qualifiers where the 20 teams that make it that far will be split into 5 groups of four to contest the five places Africa has been granted at the World Cup.

However this by no means is no excuse for Kenya to take things easy as both Namibia and Zimbabwe have been on the up recently with both teams qualified through to the January Africa Cup of Nations in Ghana and both teams beat Kenya in their last meeting eeven though Kenya have not net Zimbabwe in an international football match since the 1980s

The format for the qualifiers is here


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