Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup

Tanzania host this years edition of the tournament and as nothing has gone spectacularly wrong jut as yet it seems Kenya might actually take part which would be the first time in two? years and following a combination of their unholy tradition of last minute preparation and Kenya’s lowly World ranking, the only preparation the have done since the end of the domestic campaign is one week tour of Oman in which they played 2 matches against the Omani national team getting drawing both games 2-2 and 1-1 before the boys go to Tanzania for the December tournament.

Having been place in group A alongside hosts Tanzania, Somalia and Burundi, the Kenya team, which comprises almost entirely players from local leagues, will hope to re-establish their reputation as the regional Football superpower with a win or at least make their presence felt witha a strong showing. Hopefully with ‘Ghost’ Mulee back at the helm and some sense of sanity and stability in the football fraternity in comparison to the years that followed Kenya’s last participation at a major football competition in 2004 the Harambee Stars will give us something to smile about.

NEWS UPDATE: Premier League top scorer Allan Wanga has been able to link up with the rest of the squad after returning from closing out his move to Petro Atletico In Angola,

Author: Kimemia Maina

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2 thoughts on “Cecafa Senior Challenge Cup”

  1. wow, although we lost the points, I am sure everyone would agree with me that we(Kenya) won the match! The midfield was confident on the ball, and passed it around quite well. Unexpected of today. The tanzanians ran around like Liverpool Vs Arsenal… Quite a good start for the tournament, will for sure attract scouts. African football is for sure improving – step by step… there’s much more hope for the world cup trophy to remain here after 2010!

  2. Thanks for the comments. Its a relief someone in a position to watch the games live can give some input. Pity though Kenya lost the opening game though if the keep playing as you said they did then the other two matches against Burundi and Somalia should be winnable.

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